2015 Annual Report

2015 was a year of organizing and community building at the NYSYLC. Our work continued to push the boundaries of education by increasing access to resources and creating new spaces for students to organize. This year, we also focused on working closely with other grassroots organizations to build solidarity and to highlight the intersectionalities of our work. This report highlights just some of our work this year.

  • What its like to be an undocumented girl

    (for those who aren't)

    by reyna


    It's like

    being with fear of deportation from this country to your country is the worst thing you can live with.


    It's like

    stopping your dreams for a future and accepting reality.


    It's like

    waking up in the middle of the night because you had a nightmare of the 6 and a half days that you passed in the desert with two days without food.


    It's like

    getting bullied for your identity just because of your skin color, the way you dress, the way you walk, the way you talk, the way you do everything.


    It’s like

    every single day hearing “this is the united states, in here we speak English not Spanish”.


    It’s like

    trying to get sick just to have an excuse to not go to school.


    It's like

    feeling you don't fit anywhere, even though you know you don't care if you fit in or nah.


    It's like

    working 13 hours a day and having to deal with B.S for only $8 an hour making you feel like the work you are doing is not worth it.


    It's like

    paying all of your attention to what you can do to help your family.


    It's like

    trying to figure out a way you can get your education while supporting your family.


    How is it to be an undocumented person?



    just exactly like choosing between your education and your family.


Our members have the power to create the change that our community needs. Our work is dedicated to helping the youth in our community channel that power through action.

Here are some events

and highlights.

daca and dapa info session

Teach-in for NY Dream Act: We gathered outside of Governor Cuomo’s office to remind him and the public about the importance of passing the NY Dream Act and giving thousands of students in this state access to financial aid. We had students and educators present sharing the message:

“Teachers and students stand united: New York Dream Act Now.”

NYCORE Conference

Immigrant Youth Empowerment Conference: Our Immigrant Youth Empowerment Conference in its second year brought together hundreds of undocumented youth and educators for a day of learning. Some of our most popular sessions included: Alternatives to Higher Education and Combating Anti-Black Racism. The goals of this conference included: bringing basic resources on how to apply to college and financial aid; providing resources on alternatives for non-traditional youth; and showcasing the intersection between immigrant justice and racial justice. Through strong collaboration with other grassroots groups, we were able to achieve all of our goals.

Youth Empowerment Program

Our Youth Empowerment Program took place for the fifth time this Summer. This is a political education program. Over two weeks, about 20 youth learn about and engage in conversations about roots of migrations, reproductive justice, deportation and incarceration, lgbt rights, and other current social justice issues. This program allows our members to see what other organizations are doing to combat injustice and builds solidarity across our movement.

No Le Digas A Nadie Premieres: This film follows our Core Member, Angy’s story from her life in Colombia, to her activism at the NYSYLC as she becomes a beacon in a movement for national change. Along her journey Angy inspires her undocumented mother Maria to speak openly about her status as well. It is a film about courage, facing insurmountable obstacles, and the determination to fight for justice.

Words on Your Mind

Open Mic Series: We created a safe space for undocumented youth from different backgrounds to get together and support each other through healing practices. Mental health is stigmatized so having a safe space to talk about emotions and life was needed for healing and taking care of each other. We shared music, poems, and visual art as we celebrated our self-expression.

Youth Rise Up

Youth Rise Up was an event organized together with members from Teach Dream (educator allies) for high school youth. The event was fun and designed to motivate students and their teachers to identify ways in which they could make their schools more supportive spaces for themselves and other immigrant youth. As a result, several of our high school Dream Teams have taken on their campaigns at their schools to teach their classmates about their rights and to help graduating seniors fundraise for college.


Undocumented immigrant youth leave our space with a sense of belonging and empowerment. They obtain knowledge that allows them to develop their power by vocalizing their personal experiences. Our space may be the first place they feel safe enough to connect with other undocumented youth. After leaving our events, members are equipped with tools and resources to organize in their communities and schools. Undocumented youth are motivated to seek out educational resources and challenge oppressive systems. They stand up to anti-immigrant systems and policies, create Dream Teams in their schools, and hold friends accountable. These experiences and our collective growth are seen through the conversations we have with each other and the changing landscape around us.


North Star Fund

A.J. Muste Memorial Institute

New World Foundation

New York University

The New School

Aber Kawas, Adam Luna, Adan Figueroa, Adrian Iñiguez, Agueda Castro, Alejandra Corbella, Alejandro Panduro, Alexis Buz, Alice Yang, Allie Carter, Alvaro Morales, Alyshia Galvez, Amanda Cannell-Boone, Andrea Madrid, Angus Wong, Ann Bastian, Antara Afrin, Anthony Mercurio, Arman Azimi, Avena Ramautar, Bat-amgalan Tsogtsaikhan, Benjamin Gross, Binayak Mishra, Bradleigh-Ann Walker, Bruno Daniel, Carys Afoko, Catherine Pfordresher, Cesar Andrade, Charles Queenan, China Brotsky, Cooper Jones, Cristel Jusino Diaz, Daniel Carrillo, Daniel Garcia, Daniela Alulema, Daro Behroozi, Darryl L McLeod, David Burgoa, Denise Romero, Dennis Chin, Diego Medina, Dominique Hernandez, Edwin Rosendo, Eleazar Castillo, Emilio Vicente, Emily Perez, Erick Navarrete Sorto, Francis Madi, Gabriela Sandoval-Requena, Gerardo Mendez, Glen Berman, Hanna Thomas, Helen Stillman, Holly Fetter, Ilegal Mezcal, Isaiah Mathieu, Ivan Rosales, Jacqueline Herrera, Jahan Marcu, James Schaffer, Jay Dalal, Jayne Lee, Jeffrey Louie, Jennifer Pedicini, Jennifer Queenan, Jill Kirshner, Jose Zacatelco, Josselyn Atahualpa, Ju Hong, Julia Gelatt, Katharine Savin, Katherine Tom, Katherine Wolf, Katherine Chua Almiranez, Kathleen ORourke, Kaytee Ray-Riek, Kent Buis, Laura Moya, Laura Vazquez, Linda Shum, Lisa Lindsley, Liz Ouyang, Lucy Warrington, Luis Aguirre, Luis Saavedra, Luis O. Reeys, Manuel Rosales, Marco Saavedra, Margarita Solis, Maria Caba, Marian Tseng, Mariano Munoz, Mark Putterman, Martin Molina, Mary Reddin, Mary Notari, Marzena Zukowska, Mayra Melendez, Michael Mandel, Molly Delano, Nathan Riley, Neal Donnelly, Nicole Carty, Nora Searle, Oliver Cannell, Omar Sahyoun, Onur Sonmez, Oscar Vazquez, Pascale Claus, Paul Ferris, Rajisa Omar, Rebecca Popuch, Roberto Martinez, Rosemarie Frascella, Ruben An, Sandro Stefano Navarro, Cristopher Santos, Sara Martinez Arango, Sarah Weintraub, Sol Aramendi, Sondra Morishima, Sonia Garcia Avelar, Stephano Espinoza Galarza, Susannah Gund, Taren Stinebrickner-Kauffman, Thomas Cannell, Tiff Christine, Veronica Avila, Virginia Weiner, Vivian Tseng, Wendy Seligson, Wilson Chu, Yesica Alatorre, Yusuf Marafa


Foundations: $18,550

Grassroots: $15,486

Program Revenue: $3,777

Total Income: $37,813

Salaries: $15,056

Rent & Utilities: $7,165

Insurance: $1,542

Trainings & Meetings: $5,713

Database & Site: $893

Local Transportation: $558

Fundraising: $285

Other: $338

Total Expenses: $31,549

*Based on internal accounting for official financial information,  check out our Form 990.


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